Conservatism and… Pro-Choice?

By: Chris Faraldi

— Millennials around the world, particularly here in America, have a wide variety of opinions on the controversial topic of Abortion. The following are my thoughts on some recent activity in the Media in reference to this topic. —

Recently, there was a flair up between conservatives and one of their own, Tomi Lahren, where she appeared on a popular show, The View, and informed the hosts of her views on Abortion. Tomi (a millennial) is a young outspoken conservative from The Blaze known for her outspoken mentality. This statement was made about her followed by her response,

“You call yourself a Conservative Republican and a Constitutional Conservative but you also consider yourself Pro-Choice. This is interesting to me because 68% of Conservative Republicans believe Abortion should be illegal across the board.”

Tomi – “No, I’m Pro-Choice. I am a Constitutional, someone that loves the Constitution; I am someone that is for limited Government. So I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for a limited Government but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies. I can sit here and say that, as a Republican…

Interesting. I do not know one true “Conservative” who is Pro-Choice. The topic of Abortion has grown to be one of the defining aspects of your political affiliation.

These are generalizations of where Liberals and Conservatives stand on Abortion:

The Left: Life begins at birth; A woman should have the right to chose to do whatever she desires with her body. In our case, the choice to keep or abort the fetus in the whom. How this is allowed by the government and at different points of the pregnancy varies through the ranks in the Democratic party, but the overarching platform runs strong with those whom identify with this area of the political spectrum.

The Conservative: Life begins at conception; Abortion is murder and should not be legal, period. Again, there might be some variances among the G.O.P. ranks, specifically in some realms of crime and other issues that arise where Abortion might be medically recommended.

Here is my point – you cannot be a conservative and Pro-Choice. It is impossible. There are a few topics where there cannot be any debate as a Conservative. One of them, is being Pro-Life. There are so many layers of data, quotes, textual references and other data I could go on and on about yet I wish to keep it simple. We can argue about certain cases where Abortion might be acceptable or whether it is right or wrong, or how it should be a State issue etc. etc., that is not my goal here today.

My goal here today is to say I believe Tomi does not speak for the overwhelming majority of Conservative Millennials in the world when she says “I am Pro-Choice.” I cannot and will not stand by any law or any action that prohibits the ability to experience Liberty of another person. Some may call this hypocritical, mainly towards the mother, that I am holding back on her Liberty to do what she wishes with her body.

It is not just her body any more, there is another precious life inside her whom! It is one of the fundamental beliefs of a Conservative America follow the Judaeo Christian Values, in other words, a certain world view. A Conservative believes life begins at conception and thus, it is precious.

To this end, I will say, there is “no power delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor Prohibited by it to the States,…” regarding Abortion. That is the Tenth Amendment. Yet in every State, it is illegal to murder. Furthermore, if you were to kill a pregnant woman, you would be charged with two counts of Manslaughter, not just one.

To say, I the conservative am Pro Choice is hypocritical down to the marrow of the Conservative movement. You are treading on the lives of potential Doctors, Lawyers, Presidents, Teachers etc. Conservatives, like Libertarians, strive for liberty.

I think you see my point, and by the Bio of this blog or if you know me personally, you see where I lean politically. For today I have said enough. I am not going to convince anyone on the Left today to change their view on Abortion by writing this blog. But what I can say is what I know to be true and right. A conservative must be Pro-Life. If not, they ought not identity as one; the sanctity of life is one of the Pillars of Conservatism. The greatest violation of Liberty is denying another persons ability to experience it.

“Thou shalt not murder.”